Issue Based Seminars

​Annual Educational Issue-Based Seminars 

The main purpose of these annual seminars was to create a viable forum for key stakeholders to discuss substantive problems and issues faced by the education system in KP and contribute to their successful resolution. As a result, three annual issue-based seminars were conducted by Dr Muhammad Memon Director, AKU-IED at IER-PU.
The seminars were attended by key stakeholders, including Vice Chancellor, Peshawar University, Dean Social Sciences, Director IER-PU, Directors of other departments, Deans of Faculty of Education in KP, chairpersons of various departments at PU, representative of HEC, faculty of IER-PU and Kohat and key academicians of the province. MPhil and PhD students at IER-PU also attended these seminars.
Following topics were discussed in these seminars:
  • Status of teacher education in Pakistan: challenges, re-orientation, and policy implications.
  • Vision and policy of school education: past, present, and future.
  • Role of higher education institutions in promoting research and scholarship culture: achievements, challenges, and future directions.
These seminars encouraged the participants to reflect on their practices and ‘think out of the box’.

In addition to facilitating and enhancing the capacity and learning process, the leadership at IER-PU participated in a regional conference and policy dialogues conducted at AKU-IED.