Alternate Exposure Visits

​Alternate Exposure Visits​

The faculty of the two national partner institutions paid several visits to each other’s institutions. From LINS, Oslo University College Dr Titus Tenga, Associate Professor visited AKU-IED and IER-PU in December 2007 to participate in the Oversight Committee meetings. He also attended the conference held in Baragali in 2008 and a policy dialogue held at AKU-IED in April 2008.

Several faculty members from AKU-IED visited IER-PU to conduct workshops, academic sessions, provide academic and administrative support, attend planning meetings, conduct need analysis workshop and field based WSIP activities and data collection of their respective research studies.

The faculty and leadership from IER-PU visited AKU-IED for their professional development and participation in Oversight Committee meetings, conferences and policy dialogues.

Twenty-two IER-PU MPhil students visited AKU-IED from October 13-24, 2008 and June 15-26, 2009, to interact with the AKU-IED faculty and PhD and MEd students, access AKU-ED library resources, and to enhance their research skills by participating in research workshops and relevant policy dialogue at AKU-IED.

Similarly, two students of MEd and PhD programme at AKU-IED also visited IER-PU from June 1-8, 2011. The main purpose of this visit was to provide exposure to these students for learning about the programmatic and research activities of IER-PU at the public sector institution. During this visit, the students interacted with faculty and the students at IER-PU and also participated in the Baragali research seminar, jointly conducted by IER-PU and AKU-IED.

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‘We not only got oriented about research tools but also reviewed them from contextual lenses and received useful feedback. The feedback was incorporated in and the tools were finalized for testing’.
IER-PU Student