Aims and Objectives

​Aims and Objectives

The Pak-Norway Institutional Cooperation Project aimed at developing professional networking among public and private sector national and international teacher education institutions for capacity building.

The project focused on providing technical assistance to IER-PU, a key teacher education institution in the public sector, to develop its capacity in research, competencies and resources to support planning and implementation of educational programmes, thereby strengthening teacher education as a basis for improving quality education in Pakistan in general and in KP in particular.

The key features of the project were as follows:

  • Creating institutional networking among public and private sector national and international higher education institutions.
  • Establishing an understanding amongst faculty, provincial government officials, and others about the role of teacher education institutions.
  • Improving faculty’s pedagogies and other professional practices for enhancing prospective teachers’ learning.
  • Increasing library resources to further improve teaching and learning.
  • Developing faculty and students’ research and scholarship capacity for promoting research culture.
  • Generating indigenous knowledge through large and small-scale joint research studies.
  • Providing innovative approaches for establishing linkages between IER-PU and schools in KP.
  • Disseminating research findings and experiences with other national higher education institutions.​

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