Project Outcomes

​​Project Outcomes

The project activities were completed successfully as per the work plan. Following are the key project outcomes:​

Activities​ Direct Beneficaries​ Total​
Research capacity building ​
Research method in education course
​IER-PU faculty and other faculty of PU ​30
​Research proposal development workshop ​IER-PU faculty ​14
​Research proposal development workshop ​MPhil students ​22
​Establishment of Ethical Review Committee ​IER-PU faculty and MPhil students ​36
​Large-scale joint research study on ‘Researching Teachers’ competencies ​School teachers in 12 selected districts of KP ​240
​Small-scale joint research studies ​Faculty of IER-PU and AKU-IED ​28
Capacity development
Gender in education ​IER-PU faculty ​14
​School leadership and management practices ​Head teachers and principals of schools ​44
​Action research workshop ​IER-PU faculty and PhD students ​25
​Policy and planning workshops ​IER-PU faculty ​14
​Content & pedagogical enhancement workshop for school teachers ​WSIP school teachers ​300
​Development of a core team of Lead teachers in 4 schools for capacity building from within schools ​Lead teachers of WSIP schools
​Workshop to enhance understanding of WSIP ​School heads ​12
Dissemination​ ​
Dissemination of findings of joint research studies
​Participants of 14 public sector universities
Participants of 14 public sector universities
​Poster presentation of joint research studies
​Faculty/students from higher education institutions
​Research seminars in KP
​IER-PU faculty, MPhil students and PU faculty
​a) Status of teacher education in Pakistan: Challenges, re-orientation and policy ​ ​50
b) ​Vision and policy of school education: Past, present and future ​150
c) Role of higher education institutions in promoting research and scholarship culture: achievements, challenges and future directions​ 200​
Alternate exposure for faculty and ​students
Visit of students to AKU-IED in Karachi ​IER-PU MPhil students ​22
​Visit of students to IER-PU in Peshawar ​AU-IED PhD students ​2
Grand total 1,331

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