Professional Skills Development
 Professional Skills Development
  • Educational Leadership and Management Course
  • Follow-up Workshop for School Leaders
  • Gender in Education Workshop 
  • Academic Writing Skills Workshop​
  • Policy and Planning in Education Course

Educational Leadership and Management Course

In light of recommendations made by the Government of Pakistan’s National Commission for Government Service Reform, the development of institutional heads and teachers as educational leaders should be considered as a key dimension of educational reforms in Pakistan. In order to ascertain the needs of the head teachers, principals, and mentors, a need analysis was conducted with the relevant constituencies.

As a result, a ten-day course on Leadership and Management practices was conducted at IER-PU from April 14-24, 2008, to build the capacity of school principals and lead teachers in KP to sustain the Whole School Improvement Programme (WSIP). Around 44 participants attended this course, out of which eight participants were from the four selected WSIP schools in Peshawar.

Dr Titus Tenga, Associate Professor at LINS, Oslo University College, participated in day one activities and shared his insight on need of educational leadership development in these present changing times, throughout the world. The school leaders were encouraged to reflect critically on their own educational and management practices and to explore alternate practices for improving their schools. In other words, they were expected to be active learners and to become critical reflective practitioners to address changing demands of education and schooling in the current century.

Follow-up Workshop for School Leaders

To help sustain the change process in schools, a five-day follow-up workshop was conducted for the school leaders and other senior government education officers of KP from January 17-21, 2011 at IER-PU. The main purpose of this enrichment workshop was to help further the participants reconceptualise their roles and responsibilities as effective educational leaders in their respective institutions by exposing them to broad and critical issues of leadership, management and supervision within the contexts of educational reforms in the KP. Twenty-five participants, including Lead-Teachers in WSIP Schools, attended these enrichment workshops and shared their successes and challenges of school development plans.

Gender in Education Workshop

To equip IER-PU faculty and students with knowledge and skills for integrating gender perspectives in instructions and in the material used in classroom teaching and teachers-training, a three-day workshop on Gender in Education was held during May 14-16, 2009 at IER-PU.

The participants recognized the importance of equal opportunities in education for all; however, the current situation of gender disparities in education compel them for a critical examination of the quality of education for all offered at the schools and at the teacher training institutions. In particular, classroom based instructions needed attention in order to improve quality of female education in these areas.

Academic Writing Skills Workshop

To develop and maximize academic writing skills of faculty and post-graduate students, a five-day tailor-made academic writing skills workshop was offered during February 14-18, 2011 at IER-PU. The main purpose of this workshop was to help participants to develop their skills for writing academic papers and reports. Eighteen faculty members, including MPhil/PhD students from IER-PU, attended these workshops.

The participants were provided an opportunity to reflect on their academic writing skills. Other areas covered included:

Structure of different genres of academic writing

Developing formats of research proposals and reports

Viewing original samples of academic writing

Reading, understanding, and writing the gist of research articles, which helped them to understand how to develop summaries of articles for literature review and paraphrasing the text to avoid plagiarism

An interesting aspect of this workshop was that some participants shared their draft of research papers and sought feedback for further refinement for publication purpose.

Policy and Planning in Education Course

A five-day course on ‘Policy and Planning in Education’ was conducted for the IER-PU faculty and students from March 19-24, 2011.

The course was attended by 15 participants who included members from Provincial Institute of Teacher Education (PITE), Peshawar and Regional Institute of Teacher Education (RITE), a participant from Islamia College and few PhD students of IER-PU. Due to the heavy teaching workload, IER-PU faculty was unable to attend this course. The participants of the course were appreciative of the opportunity to new learning.​

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