Dissemination strategies and beneficiaries

​Dissemination Strategies and Beneficiaries

It was felt by AKU-IED and IER-PU that concerted efforts must be made to disseminate learning from the project to ensure visibility of the impact and attracting more higher education institutions to get into partnerships. Following dissemination strategies were adopted to reach out to higher education institutions to joint hands in improving teacher education at national and regional levels.


Oxford University Press Publication

A book titled ‘Education in Pakistan: Learning from Research Partnership’ based on collaborative research was published, based on the joint research studies and on some papers presented in the Peshawar University Baragali Conference along with sharing experiences from the WSIP in Peshawar. The publication was shared with the key public and private sector higher education institution libraries, provincial education departments, researchers, academics and policy-makers.


Three newsletters were published to share project progress with large audience. The stakeholders highly appreciated the information and quality of the newsletters.

Monograph on Large-Study

Publication of a monograph based on large scale study titled, ‘Researching Teachers’ Professional Competencies’ is at an advanced level.

Monographs on Small-Scale Studies

A monograph based on seven small-scale studies is in the process of publication.

Project Completion Report

A brief project completion report is being shared with key stakeholders for their reference. The current report will be shared with higher education institutions in Pakistan.

Research Seminars and Conferences

Baragali Research Seminar 2011

As a core activity of the project, a two-day research seminar was held from June 4-5, 2011 at Baragali, the second campus of Peshawar University. The title of the seminar was ‘Learning from Institutional Partnership: A Case for Public-Private Collaboration’. This seminar was organised to disseminate findings and implications of the research studies undertaken as a part of the project with academics, managers, researchers, and practitioners from the fields of education and teacher education. Directors, faculty, and staff from the two national partner institutions participated in this seminar. It is envisaged that this sharing and ensuing deliberations on key findings will help all stakeholders to determine a way forward to further enhance the quality of education through improvement in teacher education programmes in Pakistan, in general, and in KP, in particular.

Video Conference 2011

The success of the research seminar led to the need for sharing the research findings and their implications with academics, managers, researchers, and practitioners from the field of education and teacher education throughout Pakistan. Hence, a second research seminar was organized through video conferencing on June 25, 2011, to capture broad audience from the public sector academia in Pakistan, with the help and support of Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan.

Since this was AKU-IED’s first experience of connecting with such a large number of higher education institutions, it was recommended that only a selected number of national universities and institutions be invited for this video conference. Hence, six institutions from Sindh, four from Punjab, two from Balochistan, and three from KP were invited. Due to weather conditions and connection issues, Gilgit-Baltistan could not be connected.

The faculty from IER-PU and AKU-IED participated enthusiastically and jointly shared details of the research studies and responded to the questions raised by the virtual audience. It was noteworthy that out of the 15 invited universities/institutions, 14 engaged in the dialogue. All participants took active part in the proceedings and provided critical feedback on the presentation of research findings. In fact, due to the enthusiasm of the participants, the programme lasted an extra hour.

The desire to learn from public private partnership was very loud and clear, wherein many of the representatives of the universities expressed their willingness to join such learning forums. On the whole, this was found to be cost-effective and powerful means of dissemination.

Baragali Seminar 2008

An international seminar on “Higher Education: Trends and Prospects” was organized by Peshawar University during 18-25 July, 2008 at the Baragali Summer Campus, Peshawar University. Dr Titus Tenga, Associate Professor at the Oslo University College, Norway, Dr Anjum Halai, Ms Zubeda Bana, Dr Takbir Ali and Dr Mir Afzal Tajik from AKU-IED presented their papers and shared their insight from the institutional cooperation project. The seminar provided a good opportunity to the faculty from all partner institutions to interact with faculty hailing from different universities in and outside Pakistan and exchange views with them. The partner institutions also got an opportunity to discuss with each other’s important issues pertaining to the joint research studies under the project.

Poster presentation at AKU-IED

A poster presentation was organized at AKU-IED on September 23, 2011 to disseminate findings of the small-scale research studies of the project. A large number of faculty, students and researchers from teacher education institutions in Karachi attended the event. Presentations were highly appreciated by the participants.​

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