The ‘Outreach portfolio’ has evolved as an important component with the programmatic and structural development at AKU-IED. This portfolio is most visible in the Institute’s work towards establishing and developing a network of Professional Development Centres (PDCs) in Pakistan and East Africa.

  The PDCs act as regional educational and intellectual resources and offer a vast variety of professional development courses aimed at improving the quality of teaching and learning, and leadership practices in schools. 

Currently, there are three PDCs across Pakistan; the on-site/embedded PDC at AKU-IED, Karachi, a PDC in Gilgit-Baltistan, and a third PDC in Chitral. In addition, outreach also oversees the following projects and programmes spread over different locations in and outside of Pakistan:

  1. Certificate programmes
  2. Continuing Professional Education short courses
  3. Externally-funded projects (STEP, ECED Balochistan)
  4. International programmes (Afghanistan, Syria, Bangladesh, PTEP)
  5. Professional Teachers’ Associations Network   
  6. Coordination with potential partners

Under outreach, a variety of Certificate in Education (Cert. Edu) and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses are offered by AKU-IED and its PDCs. 

The certificate courses cover areas of educational leadership and management, curriculum areas (science education, mathematics education, social studies, English language), mentoring, and ECED. 

The CPE courses are tailor-made and therefore cover a vast variety of areas including educational leadership and management, curriculum areas, generic concepts, and ECED.​

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