Professional Development Centres, Chitral

​Professional Development Centres, Chitral

The Professional Development Centre, Chitral (PDCC) was established in 2003 to improve the quality of education in Chitral and beyond through professional development of teachers, head teachers, academic leaders and other stakeholders. It is committed to work closely with its partner organizations such as the government education department, Aga Khan Education Service and other institutions of the Aga Khan Development Network and private sector. 

Within a short span of time, PDCC has developed a variety of innovative and contextually relevant programmes for school improvement and capacity building of key stakeholders particularly teachers, head teachers, teacher educators and academic leaders. 

The Centre also strives to inform and influence educational policies and practices through research and dissemination. PDCC offers a vast variety of short courses and workshops in different subject areas to enhance teachers’ content knowledge and pedagogical skills. Need-based workshops and short courses are also offered on some generic areas such as English Language enhancement, women leadership development, early childhood education, health and environmental education, computer and library skills, summer camps and educational forum.

To ensure proper and effective implementation of the activities being offered at PDCC, its faculty members pay frequent field visits to schools and other educational institutions of its graduates. The Centre also provides some resources needed to the schools to implement the programmes successfully.​

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