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​AKU-IED alumni certificated by International Baccalaureate Organisation 

​​Alumni certificated as IB Workshop Leaders and School Verification / Evaluators

Latifa Rahman, Gioko Maina Anthony, and Shamsah Raheem Dhanani.March 6, 2014

​It is indeed a matter of great pride for AKU-IED, Pakistan that three of its alumni, Latifa Rahman (MEd cohort 2006), Gioko Maina Anthony (MEd cohort 2007) and Shamsah Raheem Dhanani (MEd cohort 2008) have been awarded with certificates from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) for becoming IB workshop Leaders and School Verification/Evaluation Visitors. These alumni are currently the IB educators of Aga Khan Schools in Dhaka, Mombasa and Dar es Salaam respectively.  

The three alumni recently completed an extensive five-day training in Mombasa. Thirty (30) educators across the network from all Aga Khan IB, World Schools participated in the training. AKU-IED alumni feel that participating in the training was a rich experience of exchanging ideas for effective learning outcome in our institutions. A heavy responsibility now lies on the shoulders of these educators to support those Aga Khan Schools and other institutions that intend to align their curriculum with the IB philosophy in future.  

The three alumni acknowledge the contribution of AKU-IED in shaping them as strong professionals who are able to connect with the vibrant vision of AKDN and to make efforts to contribute to it. 

Latifa Rahman is currently the PYP coordinator at Aga Khan School Bangladesh while Anthony Gioko is working as Vice-Principal of Professional Development and Outreach programmes at Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa and Shamsah Raheem Dhanani is serving as the Language Arts Coordinator / Professional Development Teacher at Aga Khan Nursery / Primary School-Dar es Salaam-Tanzania.  

All three of them being ambassadors of AKU-IED are carrying out their mission to foster collaborative learning environment in their respective institutions. We wish them best of luck for their future endeavours!


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