Open and Distance Education

Open and Distance Education

Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED) is committed to developing alternative modes of programme delivery, particularly through open and distance learning. Consultations with both Aga Khan Educational Services and government representatives reinforce the immense importance of distance learning in meeting students' needs.

In recognition of this, AKU-IED has set up an Open Learning Unit which facilitates the design and development of independent learning materials for teachers.

These materials are used in both on campus and distance learning programmes, and provide teachers and educational leaders with a wider range of opportunities to obtain appropriate qualifications and acquire professional knowledge and skills to build their careers.

The distance learning programmes are based on the goals of increased flexibility in learning and increased access and independence for learners. Learners are provided with comprehensive independent learning resources to study and learn in a flexible way. Learning resources normally include study guides, course outlines, readings from books or journal articles and audio/video materials.

Wherever course participants have access to a computer with Internet connection, they are encouraged to engage in e-activities via Virtual Learning Environment called IEDOnline.

These resources are designed and developed by AKU-IED faculty, in coordination with the Instructional Designer, on the principles of active, collaborative and reflective learning to enable participants to apply their learning in the workplace. Occasional face-to-face seminars are also held in Professional Development Centres.

The following distance learning courses are presently offered for in-service teachers:
  • Certificate in Education: Educational Leadership and Management
  • Certificate in Education: Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs
  • Certificate in Education: Health Education
  • Certificate in Education: Environmental Education
  • Certificate in Education: Information and Communications Technology for Educators
The courses and materials developed for distance learning by AKU-IED go through a comprehensive approval and review process to ensure quality. The Aga Khan University certifies distance learning courses in the same manner as face-to-face courses.
For more information, visit the Open Learning Unit website: