Graduate Programmes

​Graduate Programmes

The Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development offers two graduate programmes: a two-year Master of Education (MEd) and a four-year Docto​rate (PhD) in Education. 

Our programmes encourage graduates to become agents of positive change within their schools and school systems by developing their skills as critically reflective practitioners, classroom researchers and life-long learners.

Graduates are able to work with teachers in their own institutions to improve the performance of their entire schools. 

These graduate programmes aim to provide students with a broad understanding of key concepts in education and in-depth knowledge in their chosen specialised areas.

With its strong focus on relevant research, the Institute work towards:

  • Increasing research capacity through high level research training.
  • Developing leadership skills to guide curriculum development, teaching and learning.
  • Cultivating a critical understanding of the role that education plays in the issues facing developing countries and how educational research can contribute to the solutions.​​​

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