​Master of Education

Master of Education

Graduates of the two-year Master of Education Programme are equipped to create and support improvement initiatives in classroom teaching, student learning, assessment and research.

With a strong focus on research, students are encouraged to maintain reflective journals for the duration of the programme. The aim is to learn how to question their knowledge and teaching methods. 

During the programme, students also have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with teachers participating in the programme from schools across Pakistan and other countries.

Upon completion of the programme, graduates have the ability to:

  • reflect on and improve their own teaching practices.
  • encourage and facilitate classroom practitioners and teachers.
  • plan, conduct and evaluate professional development programmes in their schools.
  • understand and undertake research work and make use of research findings in reports and articles.
  • use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills to enhance their work productivity.
  • improve their understanding of educational management and leadership.
  • work effectively on school improvement projects.

In their specialisation studies, graduates receive in-depth information and knowledge of their chosen areas. The two specialisations currently offered are teacher education and educational leadership and management.

For students who opt for a specialisation in educational leadership and management area, are expected to employ leadership and management skills to lead and manage school development programmes in their parent schools/educational institutions.

For teacher education, classroom practitioners are expected to develop, critique and enrich existing curriculum and classroom practices in specific areas and plan and implement professional development programmes for teachers at school level. Elective courses help broaden the vision of classroom practitioners and develop increasingly as reflective practitioners.

Programme Coordinator
Nusrat Fatima Rizvi
Asst. Professor