Curriculum Areas

Curriculum Areas 

The Certificate in Education (Cert. Ed) in Curruculum Area is a two-month full-time (at least 240 hours) programme that aims to improve the content knowledge of teachers while introducing them to non-traditional teaching methodologies, curriculum development and relevant educational issues.

The programme also assists teachers in their personal development so that they may gain a better understanding of their own and their students' roles in teaching and learning. The programme creates a 'critical mass' of teachers who gain sufficient knowledge in their subject areas and are able to collaborate with colleagues in the hopes of bringing about significant school improvement.

The five subject areas are:

  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Primary Education

The programme is conducted by AKU-IED Master's graduates called `Professional Development Teachers', under the supervision of AKU-IED faculty.

Currently, the following five variations of Certificate in Education programme are in practice:

​School System-Based Programme 

The School System-Based Programme is an equivalent of a two-month programme, spread over a period of six months. The focus of this programme is to maximize the impact upon classroom practice through planned integration and application of teaching skills acquired in the programme. This programme has been conducted on-site in Pakistan in schools such as the Al-Murtaza School and the Ismailia Youth Service in Karachi, and in Bangladesh in the AKES schools in Dhaka. 

Field-Based Programme

The Field-Based Programme is spread over a period of six months, and is conducted on-site in East Africa in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania (including Zanzibar ), and in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, under the supervision of AKU-IED faculty. 

Whole School Improvement Programme 

This programme is spread over a period of one year and conducted by professional development teachers (PDT's) at the Professional Development Centre, Northern Areas (PDCN), under the supervision of AKU-IED faculty. This innovative programme aims to enhance the quality of teaching, learning and student outcome, enabling the PDTs to focus on a school as a learning organization and a community of practice. 

AKU-IED Based Programmes (Face-to-Face) 

These programmes are two-month face-to-face programmes. They are conducted by professional development teachers at AKU-IED under the supervision of the faculty. 

AKU-IED Based Programmes (Open Learning) 

These programmes are spread over a period of six months. They are delivered through the open and distance learning mode in Pakistan, East Africa, Central Asia, and other countries in South Asia.​

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