Current Research

Current Re​search

Improving access to quality education raises issues of inclusion and equity so that all learners can access quality education irrespective of gender, HIV AIDS or other forms of exclusion such as special learning needs.  

This Research Network includes research in the  following areas:

  • Gender issues in schooling and in educational leadership, in particular in remote rural and disadvantaged contexts in East Africa.
  • HIV & AIDS awareness in Teacher Education, including children’s knowledge about sexual practices. 
  • Equitable and opportunity of learning for students in large classes and in contexts of poverty.
  • Students participation in school governance.   

Members of the Research Network on Inclusion and Equity in Education 

  1. Abdalla Mohammad, School Governance
  2. Dr. Mweru Mwingi, Gender & Educational Leadership
  3. Musa Muhammed, HIV-AIDS
  4. Moses Orwe, Science Education
  5. Mary Oluga, HIV-AIDS
  6. Ruth Otienoh, Inclusion in Large Classes
  7. Dr. Jane Rarieya, Gender in Educational Leadership & Management
  8. Shelina Wali, HIV-AIDS, Early Childhood Development
  9. Nicholas Wachira, Policy, Education & Economic Development​