​Annual Research Institute

An innovative new programme entitled Annual Research Institute was launched at IED EA in November 2011.  Participants of the Annual Research Institute are local, regional and international academics, researchers and educators interested in pursuing inquiry and reform in this field of education.


The aims of the Annual Research Institute are:

  • To lead to the development of collaborative research networks at local, regional and international levels;
  • To promote sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise in specific fields of research;
  • To contribute to research skills development.
  • To lead to collaborative research projects in partnership with the experts and/or their institutions

Typically the programme of an Annual Research Institute includes:

  • Keynote address and master workshops by invited leading academics in the field of study aligned with the two research networks.
  • Experts in the field share substantive insights, methodological insights arising from their experience of research in the specific field, and share theoretical and other tools for analyses.

The first Annual Research Institute was Nov 28-30, 2011

The second Annual Research Institute was hosted during November 14-16 2012 ​