​About CELL

​About CELL

CELL was founded in January 2012, five years since the establishment of the Aga Khan University’s Institute for Educational Development within East Africa. This Centre is based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and it will focus on bringing together the existing and new certificate programmes, short courses, workshops and seminars in as part of a one professional unit within the Aga Khan University in East Africa.CELL is an executive as well as an academic unit, with the flexibility to serve as a launching pad for new initiatives, interdisciplinary collaborations, and programs that the governments, schools and educational organisations need including those that sit within the wider Aga Khan Development Network and related entities. It is about working collaboratively with regional partners and official bodies that influence the sector.

Programmes at CELL aim to be need based, to be able to deliver these to the grassroots, often dictated by the agenda of the local, regional and national governments and also of development organisations who fund the development and delivery of programmes through institutions such as the Aga Khan University.

These programmes are designed to be relevant, contextual and aim to create an impact where the participants are, on the ground. At the end of the Certificate in Education or the short course or workshops the course participants will have:

  1. Increased knowledge, skill and expertise in their respective areas;
  2. A commitment to cooperative working to be able to collaborate with others as change agents;
  3. A commitment to the development of the reflective thinking and reflective practice that leads to continuous and ongoing professional learning.


Based on the foundations of the AKU mission and incorporating the core values the following is the mission for the Centre for Continuing Education and Life Long Learning at the Aga Khan University in East Africa:

“To be recognized as a leading educational hub that delivers high quality contextually relevent professional development programmes that are innovative and flexible and are aligned with educational, economic, individual, community and professional needs across East Africa”


CELL will become the institution of preference for delivering innovative programmes for adult learners in the East Africa primarily teachers, educational professionals and leaders over the next three  years.

Core Values

  • We strive to facilitate academic and professional progression by providing innovative programmes
  • We aim for consistency and quality in our offering
  • We endeavor to respond to the needs of the community and colleagues and to complement the efforts made by regional and local governments
  • We offer flexibility in programs and convenience to learners in our modes of delivery by providing improved access including distance learning, work-based training and peer assessment,
  • We are student focused and aim to improve on an ongoing basis by building on evidence from constant evaluations and feedback​

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