About Us

About Us

Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development in East Africa began its programmes in 2006, to improve and develop educational systems in Eastern Africa. Based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, AKU-IED, EA draws participants from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and expects representation from more countries in the Eastern African region.

AKU-IED, EA is part of the AKU-Tanzania Institute of Higher Education (AKU-TIHE), which also includes the Advanced Nursing Studies and the Postgraduate Medical Education programmes.


AKU-IED, EA will raise the standard of education in the Eastern African region.


AKU-IED, EA will contribute to the development and improvement of education in East Africa by carrying out training and development programmes for institutions, teachers and individuals involved in education.


AKU-IED, EA will create an institution that will focus on teacher training and professional development. This institution will help improve education standards in East Africa by taking these actions:

  • Improve accessibility to high quality education so that East African governments and related agencies can meet all their targets in education development;
  • Provide development and training for individuals and institutions involved in the areas of teaching, research and policy analysis;
  • Develop this institution as a centre for scholarly excellence which can benefit the standard of education in the Sub-Saharan African region.


Strong partnerships have been established with the Faculties of Education of the University of Cambridge, UK and the University of Calgary, Canada. Collaborative teaching and research is being undertaken in the areas of educational leadership and management, teacher education, gender education, ICT in teaching and learning and health education.