Donor impressed by Teacher Training initiatives at the Aga Khan University in East Africa

Donor impressed by Teacher Training initiatives at the Aga Khan University in East Africa

August 12, 2013

Myron Tetreault, a member/partner of the Awali group, a philanthropic organization based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, had this to say upon his visit to Tanzania –

The impact that the IED is having, you can see it, both from the field visit and from meeting the people there, with the success they’ve had in the last 6 years, with the graduates that are now in senior level positions both in the ministries and in the local areas."

Myron is a donor and philanthropist and had been visiting the Aga Khan University, Institute for Educational development, East Africa, based in Dar es Salaam to learn more about the work that was being conducted in the field of Education and Teacher Professional Development across the region. During his stay he also visited Turiani, Tanzania, a region where AKU is doing research into early years’ literacy and also the site for the collaboration between AKU and Room to Read, a joint project focused on developing literacy in primary schools.

In Dar es Salaam, the staff at IED took full advantage of his time– a tour of the IED campus, a meet and greet with staff and faculty members, and lastly a drive to the site where the new Institute for Educational Development and a new Aga Khan Academy campus will be situated.  This is a 43 acre site on Sam Nujoma Road in Dar es Salaam and will house an all inclusive campus for the Institute.

"This visit to the new site was wonderful because it gives you a sense of the vision that they have, and the long term thinking that the AKU has and applies to everything that it does, in particular for the IED having secured that land and the master plan that they have to build on will help establish it for generations and so it was exciting to see that land and I look forward to maybe coming back in a few years and seeing it once its built up."

During his time, Myron was able to experience first hand some of the issues around early childhood education in East Africa, as well as see the impact that the support of the Awali Group was having in Dar es Salaam, at the AKU-IED campus through its outreach programmes in the surrounding areas. Myron is also involved with Room to Read, an international organization focused on literacy and gender-equity in education. During his trip to Turiani, one of the key sites where Room To Read is working in partnership with the Aga Khan University in the area of literacy development. Here he was able to see the progress that is being made – libraries are being built, schools are being built, and gender equality in respect to classroom numbers is slowly being achieved along with the training initiatives that are being undertaken by the experienced faculty from AKU.


Mariam Marani
Marketing & Communications


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