​Admission Requirements

​Admission Requirements

Selection Criteria for admission in the MEd programme are as follows:


Bachelor's degree or higher qualification, preferably one which comprises some formal study of education (BA, BEd or BSc with Education or equivalent);

English Language Proficiency

A certain level of proficiency in English is necessary to fully benefit from the courses that are conducted in English. An entrance test is administered to all candidates to determine fluency in the English language. Candidates who fail this test may nevertheless be allowed on the course on the condition that they acquire reasonable competency in English before courses begin.


Candidates are normally expected to have:

  • a minimum of two years of teaching experience in early years settings, primary or secondary schools;
  • experience in curriculum development and, possibly, in teacher education.

Candidates who are interested in applying without this experience are encouraged to seek advice on their individual circumstances by approaching the Assistant Registrar in the first instance.  All applicants must demonstrate the potential to further improve their skills in curriculum development and teacher education.

Time Availability

Candidates must be available for a full-time secondment from their present posts for a two-year period beginning in November.  They must also be willing to enter into an agreement of a further three years' duration with the sponsoring school system to work in the system and at AKU-IED, EA or another AKDN agency following completion of the MEd programme.

Medical Fitness

A medical certificate from a certified medical practitioner must accompany the application for admission. All course participants are expected to go through a medical check-up at the Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam on arrival at IED, EA.  Any candidate needing further clarification on the requirements for medical fitness is advised to contact the Assistant Registrar in the first instance.


Candidates must be able to demonstrate:

  • a motivation and dedication to cope with the intellectual challenge of a rigorous two year advanced level course;
  • a strong interest in improvement at the early years, primary or secondary level;
  • flexibility to work in a multicultural and pluralistic setting at IED, EA.

For further information on entry requirements please contact the Registry Office on Tel: +255 22 215 0051 / 22 215 2293 or by email at tihe.registry@aku.edu​