Interdisciplinary Policy Forums

​Interdisciplinary Policy Forums

The forums will:

  • Build consensus and excitement among stakeholders on the value proposition of the EAI;
  • Introduce and demonstrate the potential and promise of the EAI in the regional policy arena;
  • Formulate and build consensus on priority policy issues in the programme areas proposed by EAI;
  • Reframe the explanatory paradigms and mental models for policy formulation from reductionist to complexity and systems thinking approaches;
  • Identify gaps in human capacity in policy research and analysis and introduce the methods and programmes proposed by the EAI;
  • Identify and build strategic relationships with key individuals and institutions that are critical for the EAI’s human, intellectual and financial resource mobilization strategy; and
  • Common or shared understanding of the issues and approaches to plausible solutions.

​​The forums will result in publications, research concepts/proposals and creation of an interdisciplinary policy issue network or working groups.​​​


The East African Institute, with generous support from IDRC (International Development Research Centre), Aga Khan Foundation Canada and Ford Foundation, has established the East Africa Dialogue Series. Establishing a Dialogue Series at this point in East Africa’s history is timely, reinforcing the ideals of public engagement and participation in grappling with sustainable futures​. 

Read more​​ about this exciting initiative​.​​