Title of Placement Public Health Intern
Location   Karachi, Pakistan
Duration   Eight months
Department   Community Health Sciences
Instituition   Aga Khan University
Project Description   The Community Health Sciences department at AKU has on going projects in the field in maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, environmental health, and chronic disease though a variety of on-going community based programmes and development programmes. The intern will have experience in project start ups, proposal writing and project design. The intern will be involved in the quantitative and qualitative data collecting and analysis of findings. The intern will take initiative in report writing. Topics of interested will be selected on available projects as well as the interests of the individual. The experience will be highly research based.
Responsibilities   The incumbent will be responsible for:
  • Pre-project planning, design, concept notes and background research
  • Data collection, data analysis, grant and proposal writing and literature reviews
  • Project reporting, post project evaluations, final report and presentations
  • Enrolment in a Bachelor's or a Master's programme with a concentration in Health Sciences, Public/Community Health. Sociology, Education, Geography or related fields
  • Experience using computer based data analysis tools such as SAS or SPSS
  • Basic knowledge about public health issues is an asset
Expected Project Outcome   Broad experience, writing skills developed, community programme experience, a final published report.

The selected intern will be provided with furnished accommodation as well as a living stipend to cover minimal daily expenses. All visa processing costs will also be covered.

Please note that air travel is not covered by AKU, the students should have a minimum access to savings for the duration of this internship.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the Programme Coordinator at aku.iip@aku.edu.


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