Title of Placement Nursing Faculty & Research Fellow
Location   Karachi, Pakistan
Duration   Eight months
Department   School of Nursing
Instituition   Aga Khan University
Project Description  
  1. To teach in the Masters of Science in Nursing Programme in any of the following areas; a) Health Assessment b) Advance Nursing Concepts, c) Leadership & Management, d) Nursing Theories d) Research e) Educational Design and Administration f) Ethics in Healthcare
  2. Initiate/collaborate on research projects in the area of Reproductive Health, Women's' issues, Education, Clinical trials, Infectious diseases or any area of individual specialization
Responsibilities   The incumbent will be responsible for:
  • Planning, designing, developing a 36 hour/3-4 credit course
  • Developing the assessment tools for student evaluation
  • Teaching and assessment of students for a master's level course over a period of three month
  • In case of a research course, student thesis proposals should be developed at the end of the three months
  • Integrating theory & practice as per course requirements
  • Mentoring of national faculty for research and/or clinical courses
  • Enrolment in a PhD programme with a Masters level in Nursing
  • Strong Teaching and research experience
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) in English language
Expected Project Outcome  
  1. Teaching of a Master's level course as per the curriculum requirement
  2. Proposal Development in case of research course
  3. Initiation/collaboration on a research project of an individual interest/specialization area.

The selected intern will be provided with furnished accommodation as well as a living stipend to cover minimal daily expenses. All visa processing costs will also be covered.

Please note that air travel is not covered by AKU, the students should have a minimum access to savings for the duration of this internship.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the Programme Coordinator at aku.iip@aku.edu.


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