Title of Placement Nursing Faculty
Location   Karachi, Pakistan
Duration   Eight months
Department   School of Nursing
Instituition   Aga Khan University
Project Description  
  1. To be a clinical preceptor in the Masters of Nursing Programme in any of the following areas; a) Critical Care; b) Oncology; c) Nursing Education; d) Emergency Care; d) Cardiology; e) Community/Public Health f) Paediatrics g) Midwifery h) Leadership and Management
  2. Collaborating on research projects in the area of specialization.
Responsibilities   The incumbent will be responsible for:
  • Designing a specialty practicum for the masters level;
  • Taking students for clinical practicum;
  • Conducting workshops for faculty on skills building;
  • Conducting assessments of students and providing feedback on regular basis;
  • Providing mentorship to students;
  • Initiating research with AKU-SON faculty members in the area of individual specialization.
  • Enrolment in a PhD programme with a Masters in Nursing;
  • Strong teaching skills;
  • Clinical and Research experience;
  • Excellent academic writing skills.
Expected Project Outcome   Enhance clinical skills of students as per Practicum objectives and initiate/collaborate on a research projects.

The selected intern will be provided with furnished accommodation as well as a living stipend to cover minimal daily expenses. All visa processing costs will also be covered.

Please note that air travel is not covered by AKU, the students should have a minimum access to savings for the duration of this internship.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the Programme Coordinator at aku.iip@aku.edu.


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