​Director, Network For English Language Instruction

​Director, Network For English Language Instruction

 Office of the Provost
Aga Khan University, Pakistan

​English language provision has been available at Aga Khan University (AKU) since its inception in 1983.  In the late 1990s, it was made the responsibility of the Centre of English Language (CEL), which has delivered English language teaching to students and staff at AKU’s Karachi campuses.  As AKU evolves into a comprehensive international university, it has become apparent that there is a need for a new vehicle and new methods to provide English language training.  Thus, a new Network for English Language Instruction (ELI_Net) is to be launched to fulfill this role at AKU and the search has begun for its founding head.  The successful candidate will report to a Vice Provost and will be based at one of AKU’s campuses. 

Organized along distributed lines, ELI_Net’s services will be coordinated by the Director and a core team of professional staff comprising the Network hub but involving nodes throughout AKU’s campuses and programmes. The core team will be responsible for quality assurance, certification of student achievement where appropriate, training and professional development of language teachers within AKU, management of centrally available learning resources, and business development.  Instruction will largely be provided by AKU staff who are skilled in English language instruction located throughout AKU’s campuses and programmes.  Some instruction may also be delivered by way of contract staff and services.  Funding for the ELI_Net will derive from a variety of sources, including internal transfer payments for services to AKU’s programmes, donations for specific activities, and commercial/semi-commercial programmes for external clients.


​The Director for Network of English Language will:

  • maintain overall responsibility for ensuring that students, faculty and staff achieve levels of English language competence appropriate to their academic programmes or job responsibilities.  This will include both in-programme/on-the-job language courses and concentrated preparatory programmes for students entering AKU’s academic programmes
  • develop a strategy for implementing the recommendations of the report of the working group on the CEL
  • work closely with heads of academic entities and other senior managers across AKU to implement the strategy
  • provide leadership to ensure the success of the distributed network model underpinning the ELI_NetDevelop and oversee mechanisms to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the ELI_Net
  • develop and oversee quality assurance mechanisms, including routine evidence-based evaluation of ELI_net’s services
  • lead and manage the work of the ELI_Net’s team of professional staff
  • oversee the recruitment and management of a cadre of English language teachers
  • arrange for appropriate professional development for the English language teachers managed by the ELI_Net
  • pay particular regard to the use of online technologies and resources, in collaboration with AKU’s Network of Digital and Blended Learning
  • ensure that adequate and appropriate assessment methods are in place, in conjunction with entity heads, AKU’s Network of Quality Assurance and Improvement, and the AKU Examination Board
  • offer services as required to other units of the Aga Khan Development Network
  • develop a resource development strategy through consultation with colleagues
  • oversee the development of the provision of English language courses on a commercial or semi-commercial basis as part of the resource development strategy.


  • Master’s degree: e.g., MA/MEd in English Language Education or related area (e.g., TESOL, ELT, Applied Linguistics)
  • professional qualification at the diploma level, e.g., Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Delta at Cambridge University, or TESOL Diploma at Trinity College London; in North America, the diploma may be in TESL/TESOL/ESOL)
  • candidates who have been a director of a university language centre or a director of studies in a language institute will be will be given particular consideration.


The successful candidate will have extensive experience in leading a professional unit or language school with proven expertise in the management of English language teaching operations, including curriculum and syllabus design, quality assurance, business planning and people management.  Specifically, the successful candidate will have experience in: 

  • english language needs analysis for a range of contexts and students, and staff
  • development of English for academic purposes or English for specific purposes courses
  • blended learning, e-learning, digital support programmes and the use of ICT mediated tools for English language learning
  • management of assessment frameworks that monitor student progression and achievement
  • the use of assessment data to develop programmes and skills in related data management
  • Institutional quality assurance, including the monitoring of teaching quality and programme evaluation (i.e., programme evaluation skills and experience)
  • management of teams and working with senior faculty (academic staff), managers and/ external clients in the development of English language programmes
  • successful development and management of budgets
  • the use of published English language resources, including digital resources,  resource selection, the development of instructional resources and/or experience of managing the resource development and selection across a range of English for academic purposes and English for specific purposes programmes (in the US, the terminology is likely to be intensive English programmes, university foundation programmes, etc.).

Other requirements

This position will require:

  • the capacity to develop a strategic and implementation plan for the ELI_Net within a budget framework and to implement it
  • excellent written and oral communication skills 
  • the ability to manage teams at a distance and experience in working with teams in different cultural contexts and in different institutional contexts (e.g., nursing, education, medicine)
  • the capacity to delegate responsibilities and provide supervision 
  • familiarity with different regulatory frameworks with respect to progression in English language proficiency, e.g., Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, Inter University Council for East Africa (IUCEA), Quality in TESOL Education (QuiTE)
  • the ability to monitor, evaluate and assure quality provision of training across the network
  • the ability and willingness to travel.
To Apply

Interested candidates should send their detailed CV with names and contact details (including email address) of at least three referees familiar with your recent work history by email to: recruitment@aku.edu