Applying From Pakistan

Admission Requirements for Candidates from Pakistan

For information on how to apply, please click on the How to Apply link.  Deadline for receipt of applications is February 17, 2012.  Applications received after the closing date will not be processed.

Candidates Applying from Pakistani Education Systems

Candidates prepared in Urdu or English medium institutions, in Pakistan or overseas, who have successfully completed or are in the process of completing their HSC / graduate / postgraduate education and meet with the eligibility criteria may apply.  Candidates must present qualifications which are appropriate to the system of education in which they have been prepared. 

The Aga Khan University is open to all academically qualified candidates of either gender, regardless of religion, race, colour or domicile. There are no quotas, no reseved seats and no admission against donations. The Medical College has no preference for a particular type of education preparation or qualification.  

Candidates from Pakistan and overseas, who have pursued diverse curricula and present different qualifications, are evaluated in comparison with others presenting the same or similar qualifications. During evaluation no attempt is made to relate achievements in diverse educational systems to a numerical equivalent of the qualification in Pakistan.

Pakistani Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Education
An achievement of at least 60% in the HSC pre‑medical examination is necessary for applying to the Medical College. 

For provisional candidates, the shortlisting, interviews and ranking by the Admission Committee will take place on a provisional basis while the HSC scores are awaited.

British or equivalent Advanced Level Certificates of Education
At the Ordinary Secondary School level, candidates should have satisfactorily completed at least six subjects including English, biology, chemistry and physics. The O-Level grade sheet must accompany the application.

For candidates applying from Pakistan with the Advanced Level of the General Certificate of Education or equivalent, three or more subjects are required with a minimum grade "B" in each of the three subjects.  The subjects must include chemistry, biology and physics.  As per PMDC regulations, candidates from overseas may apply with mathematics in lieu of physics.

Scotland, West Africa or East Africa
The requirements for candidates presenting Scottish, West African or East African Certificates of Advanced Level Education are similar.

SAT II, AP and IBCC Equivalence
The SAT II, Advance Placements and Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) equivalence will not be acceptable as a substitute for the Advanced Level grades.

Provisional Candidates
For provisional candidates, shortlisting, interviews, ranking by the Admission Committee will take place on a provisional basis; admissions for candidates selected with a provisional status will be confirmed only if the Advanced Level of the General Certificate of Education or equivalent is according to the minimum eligibility requirements specified in this brochure and are submitted within the published timelines.

Additional Requirements for Candidates Applying with British or equivalent Advanced Level Certificates of Education
Candidates should note that for applications to be processed for admissions to AKU in addition to PMDC requirements, minimum (academic) eligibility requirements as specified in this brochure for students following different systems of education will need to be fulfilled. 

The AKU Admission Test

All candidates resident in Pakistan, irrespective of the curriculum or system of education followed, and candidates pursuing the Pakistani system of education overseas, are required to write the Aga Khan University Admissions Test.

Candidates will be issues an admit card enabling them to write the Admission Test.

The Admission Test includes an English language component, a section on Science and Mathematical Reasoning and a section on Science Achievement comprising of question in biology, chemistry and physics.

The Medical College does not provide any special preparation for the Admission Test nor does it authorise any publication of preparation classes for this purpose.​