The University provides hostel facilities for over 500 students who live outside Karachi.  Hostel facilities include:

  • Single-bed, on-campus
  • Shared room, on-campus
  • Shared room, off-campus

Since hostel space is limited, individuals offered admission to the University should apply for hostel space as early as possible.  The University makes every effort to accommodate requests but hostel space is limited. The assignment of hostel spaces is done according to the following order of priority:

  1. First-year undergraduate students
  2. Undergraduate students
  3. Graduate students
  4. Postgraduate Medical Education students

The University currently has the following complement of the on-campus residence rooms and off-campus resident hostels:


  • Male Hostel (177 rooms)
  • Female Hostel (265 rooms)


  • Five Male Hostels (51 beds)
  • One Female Hostel (21 beds)

Various activities are organized within the hostels for students and they have guidelines and procedures specific to them. Any questions regarding the hostels can be directed to the Manager, University Residences ( . The Hostel Office is located in the on-campus male hostel area.

United Kingdom

The Institute assists all first year students in finding accommodation. Currently, the University has arrangements for residence with Opal House, which is located in North London.  These are single-student accommodation only. 

Each room has a bed, desk, chair, clothes storage, and ensuite bathroom with shower room. Each cluster of four to six bedrooms shares a living area with shared kitchen and food storage facilities, dining table and chairs, sofa and TV. Opal House also has large communal meeting / TV / relaxation rooms, bike storage, laundry facilities, as well as a security presence and office.  

The accommodation at Opal House includes the cost of hot water, heating and electricity, as well as a shared TV in the living area. If you want a TV in your room, you will have to pay a TV licensing fee (for more details, please ask at reception upon arrival at Opal House). You will be responsible for any other expenses incurred (i.e. transport, phone, food, laundry, etc.). 

Any questions regarding the Opal House residences can be directed to the Assistant Registrar, ISMC (


Students enrolled in the Master of Education programme will have subsidized off-campus accommodation provided and, where necessary, the Institute will make arrangements for course participants to be shuttled between the hostel and campus.

Any questions regarding the residences can be directed to the Assistant Registrar, Tanzania (​).​