MSc in Health Policy and Management

MSc in Health Policy and Management

​The MSc in Health Policy and Management is a pioneering programme in Pakistan. The programme offers high quality education with a blend of theory and practice. It is designed to train professionals in strategic and operational planning, policy analysis, health systems research and development and in institutional management.  The programme is accredited by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and according to PMDC regulations it provides a type II-B degree which is the most advanced level of master's degree in Pakistan.​

The admissions for 2015-2016 cycle have closed. The last date to submit the application was May 22, 2015. If you have any queries, please direct them to:​​

Who should Attend?

The programme is designed for managers from NGO and public sectors, policy makers, health system researchers and health system academia, and for professionals from medicine, allied health professions, administration and social sciences.

Programme Objectives​

The goal is to train professionals in health systems planning, implementation and research.

  • To prepare leaders in designing, implementing and monitoring of health care programmes in response to health needs of Pakistan and developing countries. 
  • To develop professionals with comprehensive skills in health policy development and analysis and implementation.
  • To produce professionals with conceptual and technical skills in institutional management.
  • To provide tools to professionals to function at all levels of the health care system (policy, programmatic, service delivery) and in different organisational settings.

​Part-time Programme

The University offers candidates the choice to complete the two-year programme in extended time; i.e. either in three or four years. Health professionals, who have family responsibilities and job commitments and they wish to upgrade their qualification, are able to benefit from the part-time programme. Further details regarding part-time programme are available from the concerned Programme Directors. The part-time programme will also run on Friday half day and Saturday full day, with part-timers attending fewer courses than their full-time counterparts.

Standalone Courses and Direct Admission

The programme offers a number of its graduate courses for external participants. The participants will have the option of flexibly accumulating standalone courses towards a MSc Health Policy and Management degree. Students will register as pre-qualifiers for Masters and can accumulate up to 9 credits of coursework (equivalent to 3-4 courses).

Requirements for direct admission to the MSc programme after having taken standalone courses are:

  • ​Having successfully completed two course with a 3.50 CGPA
  • Having successfully completed three courses with a 3.00 CGPA 

Students with a CGPA of less than 3.00 in the standalone courses who wish to seek admission to the MSc programme must apply through the regular AKU graduate admissions process.​

Learn more about standalone courses.