Standalone Courses

Standalone (Individual​  Study) Courses

The Department of Community Health Sciences’ Master of Science (MSc) in Health Policy & Management Programmme is pleased to announce standalone courses on Health Sector Reform and Quality Management in Health Services scheduled from April to June 2014.  These courses are part of the MSc Health Policy & Management’s curriculum but can also be taken without enrolling in a degree programme.

The Courses

Health Sector Reform (2 credits)
This course will help participants to learn a structured approach for identifying health sector strengths and deficiencies and developing sustainable reform policies to improve health system’s performance. The course develops critical thinking on what is meant by health sector reform, its conceptual basis and exposes participants to different aspects of reform including regulation, financing, re-structuring, decentralization, drug reforms, etc.  in the context of low- and middle-income countries.
Course Fee:
Rs 29,500/=
Class Timings:
One class per week of 2 hours on Saturday, from April 5 – June 28
Quality Management in Health Services (3 credits)
The course will enable managers to work more collaboratively with quality experts within the organizations.  It offers an integrated approach to quality and safety using a “systems approach” that overcomes many of the limitations of quality improvements. It will also introduce the basic concepts of Quality Management and will support participants to initiate/lead the broad based quality improvement efforts in their institutions.
Course Fee:
Rs 44,250/=
Class timings:
One class per week of 3 hours on Friday, from April 4 – June 27 

Enrolment Requirements

  • An MBBS degree; or
  • A master’s degree in basic sciences or any social sector related subjects (business, economics, management, anthropology, sociology, demography, psychology, behavioural science, etc.);  or
  • A four-year bachelor's degree or equivalent in health sciences, social sciences, administration or related field.
  • The course does not have prerequisite coursework, however it is intended for individuals who have had minimum 1 year past work experience in health-related field and/or social sectors. 

How to Apply

Application for admission will be accepted till March 28, 2014. Application form can be downloaded from here
Applications must be submitted at:
Office of the Registrar
Graduate Programme Admissions
Aga Khan University
Stadium Road, P.O. Box 3500
Karachi 74800
Fax: (092-21) 34934294
For query please contact:
Department of Community Health Sciences
Aga Khan University
Tel: (092-21) 34864855 or 34864916