Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements 

Admission to the programme is based on merit and potential commitment to public health. Merit will be evaluated through scholastic achievements and performance of candidates in the admission test. The commitment of the candidate will be assessed on the basis of interviews, past experience and future plans.

Candidates in the public or private sector from Pakistan and overseas may apply. A high academic score in any single discipline or any outstanding achievement alone may not be sufficient for selection.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who have at least one year's work experience after graduation, preferably in a health related field at the time of application (part-time, internship and voluntary work is not included) and hold at least one of the following degrees are eligible to apply:

  • An MBBS degree
  • A Master's degree (in science including social sciences disciplines)
  • Four-year bachelors undergraduate degree or equivalent e.g. BScN, BDS, DVM, etc.

Application Requirements

Application for admission must be on the prescribed application form, along with the following supporting documents.

Required Documents
A complete set of official transcripts of academic record in secondary school, college, graduate school and/or professional schools, with certification of degrees conferred, courses taken and grades received.

Statement of Objectives
A statement of objectives, summarising past education, training and experience, as well as interests and future aims, is required. A curriculum vitae and list of publications, if any, should be included.

Letters of Recommendation
Letters of recommendation from at least three persons who are well-acquainted with the applicant's previous academic work and professional experience.

Part-time Programme

The University is offering applicants the choice to complete their stipulated two-year requirement in extended time; i.e. either in three or four years. Health professionals, with other responsibilities and commitments who wish to upgrade their qualifications, would now be able to benefit from the part-time programme to complete the required courses in three or four years instead of two years. A further detail regarding flexibility is available from the Programme Director and Programme Office.