Clinical Research Track

Clinical Research Track

​The track is designed for academicians and clinical researchers from medical and allied fields, which includes residents, fellows,​ young faculty and clinical nurses. Students enrolling in the Epidemiology and Biostatistics programme may select the Clinical Research track as a specialisation within the MSc degree programme. Programme course selection will require students to replace some epidemiology and biostatistics courses with courses related to the clinical research track. Candidates interested in this track must indicate their preference on their admission application form. 

Employment Opportunities for Graduates

There are employment opportunities available to graduates not only within the country but also at the regional and international levels. Our alumni are engaged with various esteemed international organisations such as World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (Vancouver, Canada), Centre of Disease Control (USA), academic institutions in USA, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, public health institutes of Middle East and with national institutes such as Aga Khan University (as faculty and fellows), Aga Khan Development Network (Aga Khan Foundation), Health Services Academy, National Institute of Health, Islamabad and different non-governmental organizations.  

Admission to the Programme 

Admission to the programme is based on merit and potential commitment to public health. Merit will be ​evaluated through scholastic achievements and performance of candidates in the AKU Admission Test. The commitment of the candidate will be assessed on the basis of interviews, past experience and future plans. 

Candidates in the public or private sector from Pakistan and overseas may apply. A high academic score in any single discipline or any outstanding achievement alone may not be sufficient for selection. 

Criteria for Application

  • An MBBS degree; or a master’s degree in science (including social science disciplines); or a 4-year bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), e.g. BScN, BDS, DVM, etc.
  • At least 1 year work experience after graduation, preferably in a health-related field.
Note:  Preference will be given to those candidates with clinical work experience, especially junior faculty members preparing for research track positions in clinical departments.  Postgraduate trainees currently enrolled in Fellowship programmes will receive consideration.  Among Residents, those who have completed Year 2 of their Residency programme are eligible to apply.  All those enrolled in clinical training programmes will require a nomination from their home department.