Advanced Diploma in Health Professions Education

Advanced Diploma in Health Professions Education


Managed by the Department for Educational Development, the Advanced Diploma in Health Professions Education programme is designed to develop excellent teachers, educators and innovators in health professions education. 

The programme provides a platform for educators in the health professions to share experiences resulting in the development of collaborations and linkages optimising education and research at national and regional levels. 

Programme Objectives

By the end of the programme, graduates should be able to:
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills in health professions education on national and international issues.
  • Inculcate critical thinking and problem solving in students. 
  • Develop curricula using knowledge of educational philosophies and theories.
  • Develop and apply innovative teaching, learning and assessment strategies, using best evidence to make informed decisions in health professions education.
  • Develop linkages, optimising education.

Entry Options

The entry into the Advanced Diploma in Health Professions Education programme may be through two routes.
Option 1: Following the completion of two/three Advanced Level Courses (ALC), candidates are eligible to apply to the programme if they have achieved a minimum CGPA of 2.50 

Option 2: Through the AKU graduate programme application process.