Academic Admission Requirements

Academic Admission Requirements

Programme Structure

Year 1 - Course Work

Formal course work is spread over two 16-week semesters in Year 1. Course work is distributed into three strands. Each strand consists of two courses. An interdisciplinary approach is used in teaching the strands through cross-referencing, common research activities and regular research seminars to which students and faculty contribute. The Educational Research Method is a core strand through which the courses are integrated.

Research training and skill advancement with an understanding of an area of research relevant to the chosen thesis takes place in Year 2.

Year 2 - Internship and Research Proposal

Semester 1 - Internship

An internship is a work experience at an organisation or programme involved in research and/or development. As a required component of the PhD Programme, the internship aims to give students a broader experience that will nurture essential skills for professional growth. The practical work experience will enable a student to gain knowledge and experience within an organisation or functional area which reflects the student's academic and professional interests.

Semester 2 - Research Proposal

A satisfactory research proposal, setting out the context, the question or problem, the main thesis, a thorough literature review, the proposed research design, and some key readings will be developed.

Year 3 and 4 - Research Thesis

The final two years of the programme are spent conducting fieldwork, analysis and writing a research thesis. Students produce an original thesis and have to pass an oral exam.

Minimum Academic Requirements

  • Have a Masters Degree (or equivalent) in education, social or natural sciences from a recognized university, with minimum 60% marks, and a strong proven interest in education and teaching;
  • At least 2 years of post masters work experience in a relevant field;
  • Be able to communicate in oral and written English in an academically rigorous manner;​