Master in Education
Master of Education

The Master of Education (MEd) programme develops serving mid-career teacher educators and teachers as reflective practitioners and agents of change. The programme requires prospective candidates to reflect critically on their own theories of teaching and classroom practices. The enabling environment at AKU-IED brings together individuals from diverse educational, cultural and geographic settings to focus on comprehensive school improvement. Courses are designed to ensure participants have opportunities to relate their new learning to their own educational context. The graduates of the programme, known as Professional Development Teachers,  work with their fellow teachers in their schools to develop a critical mass for the improvement of quality of education.

Programme Structure

The programme comprises 17 courses (course work and thesis). The thesis is equivalent to four courses. The programme has ‘core’, ‘specialisation’, and ‘elective’ courses. The course work includes seven core courses, four specialisation area courses and two electives.

Part-time Route

Candidates may choose to enroll in the programme as full-time (two years) or part-time students. Application for part-time studies will be considered on an individual basis. Part-time students will be required to complete the programme in maximum of five years.


AKU-IED has qualified, experienced and highly motivated faculty members. By international standard, AKU-IED has 21 faculty members with PhD degrees and three are in the process of completing their doctoral studies.

Admission to the Programme

Admission to MEd is based on academic merit and potential for leadership. Merit will be evaluated through scholastic achievement of applicants and their performance in the AKU admission test. Leadership potential will be assessed on the basis of interviews, past experience and future plans.

Applicants from the public or private sector from Pakistan and overseas may apply. A high academic score in any single discipline or any outstanding achievement alone is not sufficient for selection.

There are no quotas and no reserved seats. There are no admissions against donation.

Selection to AKU-IED is made with great care and concern. Its decisions are irrevocable and are not negotiable. The Institute is not bound to explain the reasons for its decisions to the applicants, guardians or supporters.​