Advanced Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Higher Education

Advanced Diploma - Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)


Teacher education is pivotal to the development of quality education standards. The Advanced Diploma Programme (ADP) in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in Higher Education is a one-year HEC approved programme aimed at improving the standard of English language teaching in Pakistan.

The ADP in TEFL has been specially designed by Aga Khan University’s Centre of English Language to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical and practical foundations of language teaching. It focuses on equipping professionals with skills to contextually apply theory to practice in classrooms. To this end, the programme engages participants in critically reviewing and analysing issues and challenges currently confronting English language teachers in Pakistan and other developing countries.


The programme consists of six core and two optional courses taught over three terms. Classes are offered four days a week from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., and the first and fourth Fridays of each month are set aside for students to engage in self-directed group reading. The programme also includes an on-going academic English language development course aimed at providing participants with continuous language support to enable them to meet their learning objectives. The ADP in TEFL is offered with two options: a regular programme and a modular programme.

Regular programme

Applicants from public and private sector institutions can complete the programme in one academic year, taking all three terms in the same year.

Modular Programme

Participants from private sector institutions have the additional option of choosing to complete the programme over an extended period of three years by enrolling for one to two terms in any one academic year.

Admission to the Programme

Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree and two years of teaching experience will be considered for the programme, but preference will be given to candidates with a Master’s degree and some teaching experience.​