At AKU, our programmes help students become thoughtful and resilient leaders. Anchored in academic rigour, we emphasise participatory learning, diversity and small class sizes to foster collaboration and innovation inside and outside the classroom.​​








Whether you are choosing a career for the first time, considering graduate school or looking to upgrade your skills, our programmes offer quality education and critical insight into the challenges of the world around us.








Intellectual curiosity is at the heart of everything we do. Our research and commitment to practical community service attracts a global community of students and faculty inspired to improve the well-being of people across countries and continents.​​​




Student Life

Student Support Services​​






It is our intent and mission to support research that contributes to the global body of knowledge and advances public policy in response to the real needs of communities and people.​


To know more about our research activities, please visit the research website.




Our efforts support individual and organisational opportunities for our (and our partners') faculty, staff and students - and for the communities where we live and work. ​


Please visit the University Partnerships Office website to learn more about our partners and projects


​Alumni Association


One of the key objectives of the AKU Alumni Association is to develop linkages for mutual benefit - such as research - with other professional alumni bodies. 


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