International Internship Programme
International Internship Programme

Overview of International Internship Programme

International exchanges help students experience different cultures and perspectives, allowing for a well-rounded education.

Aga Khan University (AKU) understands the importance of international collaboration since its inception.  It has established partnerships and links with various academic institutions around the globe, contributing to AKU's growth and development.

AKU operates in nine countries and has eleven teaching sites offering a range of programmes. With the AKDN as a significant partner in the developing world, AKU's International Internship Programme (IIP) provides localised access and quality. This unique programme will cater to students coming to the University:

for an internship programme in teaching, research or service as part of their institution's cooperative work programme.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in eight-month long positions at AKU in its various locations

Interested in interning at AKU?  Refer to the Student Information​ section.​