CatholicUniversity of Portugal (UCP): AKU and UCP signed a Memorandum of Understanding in July 2008 for academic collaboration as part of their efforts to foster understanding and scholarly cooperation between diverse cultures. Areas of collaboration between the two universities include culture, law, religion, ethics, health sciences, education and human development.  These will be conducted through joint research, training initiatives, and exchange programmes for faculty and students. Professor Manuel Braga da Cruz, Rector of the UCP and Firoz Rasul, President AKU, signed the MOU in the presence of His Eminence D. Jose Policarpo, the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon and Chancellor of the University, D. José Policarpo, and His Highness the Aga Khan, the Founder and Chancellor of the AKU.

Karolinska Institute: This collaboration has been in effect since 1992. Activities have included professional development of faculty as well as collaborative research leading to a Ph.D by the Karolinska Institutet.

Oxford University

University of London, Institute of Education

The Memorandum of Agreement between IoE , UoL and AKU was signed in 2005 for the delivery of a mixed-mode programme leading to the MA degree in Education and International Development for course participants funded by the Common wealth Scholarship Commission in the UK

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Health

The Department of Microbiology at the AKU and LSHTM have been collaborating in research and training since 1986. Both Institutes have participated in providing training to postdoctoral fellows and PhD students.  Several faculty members have visited campuses of both institutions to develop grant proposals and prepare manuscripts. These activities have resulted in building manpower resources and research capacity in both directions.

Sheffield Hallam University: Linked with IED PK in teacher education from 1998 2002. The partnership was funded by the British Council for collaborative research on the role of headteachers in school improvement and effectiveness. It also considered the implications for school management practices, review of IED's Diploma programme, and international and national conferences, symposia and publications.

Cambridge University: The School of Education has been involved in collaborative research with AKU IED, East Africa. Projects in health education, gender and education have informed AKU's Master of Education and certificate courses, aimed as they are at professional development in the EA education system.

Edulink: A three year EU-funded partnership of 10 African Universities, 8 Associate Universities and associate members. AKU works closely with the University of Dar es Salaam (Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences) in a number of areas; AKU-ANS, East Africa have also signed agreements with Kenyatta and Makerere universities and the College of Health Sciences in Zanzibar for the INEPEA project to develop a Masters Degree for Nurses and Midwives in the Region.

Georg Eckert Institute of International Textbook Research​