Presentation Formats

​Presentation Formats

Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts for one or more activities under paper presentations, symposia, poster presentations, book-a-talk and alternate modes of presentation. 

Conference Activities 

Paper Presentations

Papers could be based on systematic research studies related to the conference theme. They could also report on lessons learnt from the field, based on critical reflection and analysis of experiences of implementing change initiatives. 


Symposia provide a forum for examining specific aspects of a topic from a variety of perspectives. A convener in consultation with panelists plans the symposia in advance. The proposed formats for the symposia are to achieve greater interaction, exchange of information and ideas pertaining to the nature of impact of transforming pedagogies in teacher education inputs and the issues involved in making claims of impact. Suggested formats for symposia are:

  1. Panel Discussion: This format is less didactic and provides an opportunity for greater interaction. Panel members are expected to make brief introductory remarks before opening the discussion among the panelists and the audience. These remarks are aimed at key issues and questions pertaining to a specific topic or aspect of work.
  2. Roundtable: Roundtable discussions provide opportunities for a group of interested participants to engage in a discussion on a topic or issue relevant to the conference themes. The roundtable discussions will be proposed by a convener who will take a lead role in organising it, but will not necessarily lead the discussion.

Poster Presentations

Poster presentations are available for those whose work is more suitable for a pictorial format as opposed to an oral/verbal format. There will be no formal oral presentation associated with a poster. 

Alternate Presentations

Alternate and multimedia presentations enrich the experiences of attendees through active discussion and presentations and promote deeper understanding by all (including the presenters) about the topic at hand.  These could include presentations through a variety of mediums.

  1. Documentary: Documentaries on topics pertaining to particularly key themes are welcome as an alternate form of presentation. Documentaries should be of 15-20 minutes so that a discussion on the content and practical relevance of the documentaries can ensue. 
  2. Role-play: Innovative role plays are invited to illuminate any one of the conference themes. Abstract of the role play of 350 words should be submitted (see dates).
  3. Open format category: Any new ideas or formats of representation (other than the mentioned above) are also encouraged. Those who have some suggestions are welcome to express those in their abstracts (mark the abstract with a title: Open format category).

Other Activities

Publishers are invited to display and sell books and other material relating to education during the conference.


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