International Conference on "In Search of Relevance and Sustainability of Educational Change"

​"In Search of Relevance and Sustainability of Educational Change"

AKU-IED's Ninth International Conference


Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development's (AKU-IED) ninth international conference is being held from November 1-3, 2012. 

his year’s conference theme calls for a “search” that indicates a gap felt between “what is” (the current state of affairs) and what can possibly be (the desired or the envisioned state) in education. This gap may not have been adequately spotted and articulated in educational circles; however, its magnitude appears to be very much palpable and consequential in the contemporary context of education. Such state of affairs then engenders questions of relevance of education, the discussions around which frames the focus of this conference.


The key objective is to seek, synthesise and share responses to address ‘crisis of relevance’ experienced in the contemporary field of education. These are generated due to changing temporal, social and symbolic contexts of education. On the other hand, they are also based on the reflection and empirical evidence that have emerged as new ways in which we learn and new challenges that societies face that necessitate the search for innovative ways to respond to the change. 


Is it paramount that we should critically reflect on the extent of relevance of education change in contemporary times? What are the gaps inherent in the education system? What alternative/innovative ‘solutions’ or responses can be garnered? How can new knowledge about ways and spaces through which humans learn and develop be harnessed in an ethically responsible manner so that both humans and their societies co-develop in socially just ways? These related concerns are invited and framed under the sub-themes​ of the conference. 


Expected Outcomes



  • Participants will learn from each other about evidence-based best innovative educational practices of relevance and sustainability. 
  • The conference will promote networking among academics, researchers, practitioners and policy makers.
  • A policy paper will be prepared on relevance and sustainability of educational change for a dialogue with public and private education sectors as post conference activity.  
  • Selected papers will be published in a special issue of a HEC approved educational journal.