AKU-IED has held eight international conferences since its establishment in 1993. This year's conference theme “In Search of Relevance and Sustainability of Educational Change” has the following sub-themes.


Innovative Pedagogies


The theme invites work of academics, practitioners and researchers that captures critical stance on the relevance of pedagogies used to respond to the changing context of teaching and learning. In particular, reflection on the use of innovative pedagogies with local nuances will be the centre of deliberations in the scholarly work presented under this sub-theme.


Learner and Learning Spaces


Deliberations around relevant innovative pedagogies invite interconnected discourse on learners and learning spaces. Inquiring into the profile of a learner in the changing world with the multiplicity and diversity of learning spaces will be the centre of this theme. It is expected that the work of presenters under this theme will highlight how a conventional learner can be replaced by a more robust learner which warrants change in the space/milieu and location for learning. In particular, scholarly work on the use of innovative alternative forms and spaces of learning will be presented.


Assessment for/as Learning


Assessment as a fundamental part of teaching and learning process remains the focus of debate around relevance of educational processes. Papers under this sub-theme will discuss the bearing of perceived concept of assessment for a robust learner and learning process. It is expected that the critique of conventional assessment and alternative assessment methods will help improve assessment practices.


Relevance of Curriculum in Changing Times


Curriculum as deriving force contributes to define the course of educational processes and outcomes. Pertinent to the debate around innovative and relevant pedagogies, robust learner and learning spaces and vigorous assessment approaches is the question about responsive and dynamic curriculum. This sub-theme invites papers and presentations on work that inquires the question of curriculum relevance in changing time. It is expected that innovative approaches to design curriculum frame works will be highlighted.


Responsive Governance and Management


Search for relevance and sustainability of educational change calls for a wide-ranging debate around the governance and management of education which is responsive to the changing scenarios. This sub-theme invites papers and presentations around changing theory and practices of governance and education. The debate on educational governance will be inclusive of critique on education policy and financing education.


Theorisation of Educational Change for Relevance


Since the conference theme anchors its debate essentially on the discourse of educational change, this theme invites scholars, educationalists, researchers and practitioners to present their reflections on educational change with an attempt to theorise its intentions, processes and outcomes and also to make a quest if change can be sustained. The focus of the reflections will be a critique of the past, present and the way forward. 


Education to promote resilience and social cohesion  


This theme invites presenters to deliberate on educational policies and practices which can contribute to societal well-being by promoting resilience and social cohesion. The question about the relevance of education for societal well-being is at the center of discourse on educational change. Such discourse necessitates critical reflection on the values and attitudes which underpin the curricular and pedagogical changes. It is envisaged that the core purpose and processes of education will juxtapose the questions of relevance of education for today’s time.         


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