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AKU-EB Students Excel in Annual Examinations

July 7, 2011

Aga Khan University Examination Board announced its annual Secondary School Certificate examination results today, marking its fifth successful year of conducting these examinations across Pakistan.

Hooria Imran of Sultan Mohammad Shah Aga Khan School with 93.55 per cent marks earned the first position in this year’s AKU-EB examinations. Komal Zehra Zaidi of Al-Murtaza School (Girls Branch) with 93.45 per cent marks and Sarah Salahuddin of Shahwilayat Public School with 92.82 per cent marks earned the second and third positions, respectively.


The results show that 13.6 per cent of this year’s SSC Part I and II (combined) candidates earned an A-1 grade while 31.6 per cent earned an A grade. The SSC exams are practical tests which encourage applied learning as described by Dr Thomas Christie, Director, AKU-EB, “Our exams are space-limited and require candidates to think critically to apply what they have learned all year into just a few lines. This is not an easy task – it is a product of many months of dedication towards learning how to explore resources beyond the textbook and search independently to arrive at specified outcomes.” He further explained that the skills acquired through these examinations will help the candidates in the real world.

This year, AKU-EB students were able to access the new Learning Support website while preparing for their examinations. The Learning Support website is the only online study tool of its kind in Pakistan with tutorial videos covering the SSC National Curriculum in five subjects: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The site also provides an opportunity for candidates to assess themselves through practice tests.

“Learning Support goes beyond just exam preparation and is available to those who do not have access to classrooms. The website is an extension of our ongoing collaboration with Kawish Television Network to daily broadcast these subject lessons on television. It is one way for us to encourage our candidates to become independent learners and take charge of their own learning,” pointed out Karima Kara, Associate Director, AKU-EB.     

AKU-EB’s annual SSC results are now available online with a detail breakdown for candidates on how they performed as compared to their group peers at http://examinationboard.aku.edu/examinationservices/onlineresults/Pages/onlineresults.aspx.

To find out more about Learning Support, visit http://examinationboard.aku.edu/ourqualifications/learningsupportmaterials/Pages/learningsupportmaterials.aspx.

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