The Anatomy of Rhythm
News 2012

​The Anatomy of Rhythm

January 31, 2012

The second year of the FAS-HASS Collaborative Lecture Series got off to a musical start on Tuesday, January 31 at the AKU auditorium. The event titled ‘A Kaleidoscope of Nuances,’ comprised a lecture and musical performance by Yousuf Kerai, a young mathematician cum musician who plays tabla along with Sheroze Hussain, a 16-year-old master of the sitar. 

Kerai, who also holds a postgraduate degree in teaching, began proceedings with an introduction to the origins of south Asian music and touched on the intricacies of sur, raags and thaats.

The two maestros then treated the audience to a mesmerising musical performance which brought together the rhythmic beats of the tabla and the enchanting  tunes of the sitar. The audience seemed spell-bound as the two musicians performed a range of classical compositions as well as more  contemporary  tunes.  The highlight of the evening came when the two engaged in jugalbandi or duel, a distinctly South Asian musical concept where each musician matches the other beat for beat, chord for chord, leaving the audience overwhelmed by an amazing performance. 
Over the past two years the Collaborative Lecture Series has facilitated thought-provoking presentations by 15 renowned personalities from Pakistan and abroad belonging to various fields including Mohammed Hanif (Exploding Mangoes and Other Seasonal Fruits), William Harvey (Music and Medicine in Regions of Conflict), Dr Saad Shafqat (Cricket in Pakistan – Charisma, Controversy, and Chaos) , Adil Najam (Climate Change, Security and Development), Michael Esson (Art and Surgery) and Kamal Siddiqi (The State of Media in Pakistan).
The FAS-HASS committee which includes Dr Kulsoom Ghias as Chair along with Dr Murad Khan, Dr Saad Shafqat, Rukhsana Ali, Shireen Azfar and Samir Sadrudin as members has renamed the Collaborative Lecture Series as the Sixth Sense Forum (6sF), a title which embodies the initiative’s goal of developing a superior outlook beyond the ordinary.