AKU Honours its Staff
News 2012

AKU Honours its Staff​

January 19, 2012

As part of its culture of appreciating its people, long-serving AKU faculty and staff were honoured at a Service Award ceremony that recognised their commitment and contribution to the institution. 

For the very first time, the University honoured people who had spent more than 30 years in service, in addition to those who had spent 25 and 20 years working at this institution.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms Carol Ariano, Vice President, Human Resources cited the Chancellor of the University, His Highness the Aga Khan, who from the early years had encouraged the building of an institution that would attract and retain the best. At one of the earlier convocations, he had said, “we must do all that we can to keep our good people, and to sustain the highest level of quality in what we do. Without good people, we cannot offer quality. Without quality, good people would not choose to stay.” Ms Ariano offered her compliments to the recipients of the long service awards for their dedication and said that the management deeply appreciated their valuable services.
The event, which was held at the Sports and Rehabilitation Centre, honoured 364  people. Of these 31 had completed 30 years of service between 2009 and 2011, 136 who completed 25 years during the same period, and 197 awards were presented to faculty and staff who had completed 20 years.


Speaking on the occasion, President Firoz Rasul congratulated and thanked the award recipients for their commitment and hard work towards the development of AKU and stated that they were the founding pillars of the organisation.  He also appreciated the support of their family members.

The ceremony was followed by dinner and a musical programme.