Message from the President

​Message from the President

Welcome to Aga Khan University​
A Role Model for Health and Education in the Developing World 

From the mandate of its Charter, to the reality of its people, programmes and sites, Aga Khan University is an international university. With campuses and programmes on three continents, AKU is a role model for academic, research and service programmes in health and education in the developing world. 

AKU provides students access to international standard higher education based solely on merit, and their potential for leadership and motivation to excel. Its programmes and services are open to all, regardless of faith, creed, origin or gender. AKU conducts research of universal importance in health and education, and produces graduates who are uniquely prepared for the challenges that confront the 21st century. Of great importance is its focus on issues of and opportunities for women. 

A part of the Aga Khan Development Network, AKU is a private, self-governing university, guided by an international Board of Trustees. Chartered in Pakistan in 1983, it now has 11 teaching sites spread over 8 countries - Afghanistan, Kenya, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda, Syria, Egypt and the United Kingdom. In its short history, it has become a valued and trusted partner of governments, universities and international agencies who share the University's strong belief in the potential of human capital, ingenuity and enterprise to build communities and improve lives. It is establishing a growing reputation for the quality and innovation of its programmes, in its ability to undertake problem-based research and in its role as an agent of change in the developing world. 

The aim of the University is to develop the leaders of tomorrow. It draws upon the great traditions of Islam and other religions and cultures to teach critical thinking, problem solving and decision making, while inculcating moral reasoning, ethics and respect for others. It is a powerful force for pluralism that promotes intellectual openness, tolerance and increased understanding between people of different societies. 

While proud of its achievements in fields of professional education, AKU realises there is much work to do, and has set a course for the future. At the beginning of the next decade, AKU will open a new Faculty of Arts and Sciences that will follow a liberal arts model at both undergraduate and graduate levels. It will encourage a new breed of leaders in government and business, equipped with 21st century skills and a global outlook to become strong and valued voices in modern society. 

Welcome to Aga Khan University. A University dedicated to empowering people of the developing world to guide their own destinies, and to make their rightful contributions as members of a global community. 

 Firoz Rasul