Message, Dean of Research & Graduate Studies

8th Health Sciences Research ​Assembly​

December 11 & 12, 2013

Message from the Dean of Reserach and Graduate Studies

​Aga Khan University is committed to innovative trans/multi-disciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate education, and research. The University aims to achieve this by offering students a rich educational experience, an experience connecting individual curiosity, intellectual rigor and trans-disciplinary breath.  Research is an integral and essential part of this experience.

The thematic research focus of the Faculty of Health Sciences is “Social and Economic Determinants of Health” with six sub-themes: a. Maternal, Newborn & Child Health; b. Non-Communicable Diseases; c. Infection, Immunity and Inflammation; d. Human Development; e. Neurosciences and f. Stem Cell Research.

These sub-themes areunderpinned by the drive and intellectual inquisitiveness of individuals who traverse departments, faculties and other AKU campuses. Their collective aim is to bring forth new knowledge and solutions addressing local challenges and to inform regarding policy and practices. AKU’s close collaborations with extraordinary external collaborators and university partners offer an added wealth of research options.  The University’s efforts are supported through donations, gifts, extra and intramural competitive grants and international aid agencies. 

The concept of an annual research assembly was an important bold step that has become part of the University’s calendar.   The 8th Health Sciences Research Assembly provides a unique forum for faculty, staff, and students at AKU to showcase their work, discuss ideas, and become informed of the diverse activities and opportunities.  AKU’s research is not only about new knowledge or the application of it; but also about developing a steady stream of highly skilled individuals. 

It is a very tall order to organise an event on such a mammoth scale. The organisers have worked tirelessly over many months to put together this year’s assembly.  I take this opportunity to recognise and thank them for their effort, creativity and passion. Congratulations.   

Dr El-Nasir Lalani
Dean of Research & Graduate Studies and
Professor of Molecular and Cellular Pathology