Update from Usta Mohammad

Update from Usta Mohammad 

September 14, 2010

Working under difficult conditions, a 11-member AKU team at Usta Mohammed is operating an outpatient clinic and emergency room as well as visiting IDP camps further afield, treating hundreds of patients each day.

On their arrival in the area, the team’s first task was to operationalise the Labour Hospital. The 50-bed facility was opened in 2000 but ceased activities the very next year; it has remained inactive since. The AKU team was able to establish an outpatient clinic and emergency room at the site and although there is still no electricity, they are treating 400 outpatients a day.

The AKU team has also been active further afield. Over the last few days, members of the team have travelled by boat to Saifullah Shakh Ghandakha, on the periphery of the Usta Mohammad district, where 2,000 IDPs are currently taking shelter. There, the team working in the open-air and using charpoys and tables to examine patients, have been able to treat over 200 patients a day.

Daily, two volunteers – one doctor and one nurse – have also been visiting the village of Nurpur, which is currently hosting a large number of IDPs.

The team has been operating in difficult conditions: temperatures have reached as high as 45°C and both water and electricity, even at the Labour Hospital, have been in scarce supply.​