Day Camp at Saeedabad, District Matiari


Day Camp at Saeedabad, District Matiari

September 4, 2010

Taluka Saeedabad, Matiari: AKU and the district health government, Matiari joined forces to hold a one-day mobile health camp for IDP women and children in Saeedabad.

Over the course of the day, the team visited three different camps housed at the Government Degree College, the Urdu Middle School and the Primary Boys School, all in Saaedabad. Of the 1,000 patients treated, three-quarters were from the Government Degree College camp, where 835 people have been housed. Also more than half the children under five years of age at these camps, 94 out of 165, were brought for treatment.

Most people were treated for skin infections while fever and gastroenteritis were also common complaints. Over 15 per cent of people seen were malnourished and dehydrated, showing signs of weakness.

The mobile camp was staffed by a 30-member team from AKU that included paediatricians, medical officers and assistants, community health and field workers working alongside a 7-member team of doctors, lady health workers and vaccinators from the District Health Government, Matiari.

Post the day-camp, AKU continues to work in close collaboration with the local government and its staff, with the aim of providing medical assistance as well as relief to as many displaced and needy people as possible.