Burden of Diseases seen among Children at Khairpur City Hospital

Burden of diseases seen among children at Khairpur City Hospital   

August 28, 2010

Khairpur: By August 28, children with acute watery diarrhoea and dehydration started arriving at the Khairpur District Headquarter (DHQ) City Hospital in great numbers. Aga Khan University’s team of paediatricians, nurses, and paramedical staff in collaboration with Khairpur EDO, DHQ Hospital and district management provided medical care including emergency triage, rapid resuscitation, out-patient services, inpatient admissions and hospital ward coverage to these young children. To provide adequate service, two additional wards were made available for children requiring hospitalisation.

A total of 1,213 children have been attended to since the first day of the camp. Many of these were in poor state, requiring rapid fluid resuscitation. A many as 810 patients were seen in the first week, out of which 58 per cent were diagnosed with diarrhoea and the majority of these had acute watery diarrhoea and were dehydrated,. The majority of diarrhoea patients came from Baberlo camp.

There is a daily influx of children at the hospital with severe acute diarrhoea. The cases have gradually increased from 39 children on the first day to 79 by August 29. On August 28, the number touched at alarming 92. These distressing figures led the Aga Khan Paediatric Infectious Disease Research Laboratory in Karachi to take a few stool specimens from children suffering from diarrhoea at the hospital.