Sep 16 - 20, 2013


AKU-IED Karimabad

Globalization in Education

Continuing Professional Education Course

The course will orient participants about the phenomenon of globalization and its implications on education, especially with reference to issues of change, policy, knowledge construction and reconstruction and curriculum.

The primary aim of the course is to facilitate a better understanding about relationship between globalization and education with a view to making education relevant to and effective in a globalizing world, without losing our anchoring in the local cultures, but yet reaching out to the global, thus developing a symbiotic synthesis of what is best in the local and glocal. 

The broad objectives of the course are to:

-  provide a forum for a broad spectrum of leaders to share their ideas on globalization and education and to encourage a critical discourse on these areas and their linkages; 

-  enhance participants’ critical understanding of the challenges of educational leadership in a changing and globalizing world;

-  help participants to sharpen their skills to lead their organizations and gear towards a global world in a proactive, enriching, inspiring and synergistic way; and  

-  take home key messages that are informed by a critical understanding of globalization and its impact on educational processes and leadership. 


Course fee: Rs. 10,000/- (Includes two educational field trips)

Application deadline: Sep 7, 2013​


​Manzoor Hussain
Programme Officer, Outreach
Ext: 8511


​AKU-IED, Pakistan

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