Clinical Trials Symposium: Bridging Gaps & Building Network




Feb 20 - 21, 2014



Clinical Trials Symposium: Bridging Gaps & Building Network

Event Overview
To advance research excellence and bring together research partners, CTU in collaboration with Duke University, USA & Clinical Trials Center-University of Sydney, has organized the first symposium with a dedicated focus on various aspects of Clinical Trials. The program is made up of 2 days of interdisciplinary series of presentations and panel discussions centered on clinical trials.

This would be the first symposium of its kind intended to link National & International industry and healthcare executives, CROs, policymakers, researchers, scientists, academics, and service providers. It will create a collaborative setting to exchange best practices, as well as discuss opportunities and challenges, regarding clinical trials in Pakistan and globally.

A mix of International and National experts will cover bioethical issues in conducting clinical trials in developing countries, challenges of  informed consent form in the less educated population, cultural diversities, case studies along with ground realities, GCP, Quality Assurance, research patient, globalization, leadership and way forward. 

This symposium will be of interest to clinical trial practitioners in industry and academia as well as others who have interest in recent and future directions in clinical trials. Participants will gain valuable, knowledge, information, insights, contacts and connections. We also hope the presentations and accompanying discussions will initiate progress in these important areas.


Our goal is to engage leaders and decision makers with whom we can collectively bring about positive changes in the field of clinical research.

  • Specific Objectives:
  • Get all stakeholders on the same platform
  • Identify gaps and challenges in conducting clinical trials in Pakistan
  • Suggestions to fill those gaps
  • Discuss the need to invest in clinical trials in Pakistan
  • Come up with the way forward for the above issues
  • Collaboratively pursue identified recommendations

Target Audience

  • Administrators & researchers from national academic centres
  • National & International pharmaceuticals & CROs
  • International funding agencies
  • International researcher

Online registration is available for this symposium.


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